Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Descent Of Man

Thanks to the guys of Vestiges for sharing their free download album The Descent Of Man!
Vestiges is a trio from the U.S.A. and The Descent Of Man is their debut album. This album begins quietly with a nice intro. The song after that begins also quietly and suddenly hell breaks loose! A mix of Hardcore, Black Metal, Crust, Screamo and Post-Rock influences hits you right in your face!
This album contains seven tracks (Intro, song I till V and Outro) that are filled with anger and despair. These guys did an excellent job with this album. The sound is right and all instruments are in balance. The vocals are making almost me afraid. This guy has an awesome throat. This voice goes truly through your bones!
Vestiges has released this impressive album at the tenth day of the tenth month in year ten and it is an display of heaviness, brutality and also sadness. Enjoy and support Vestiges!

"Vestiges formed in January of 2010 as a two-piece band. Influenced by hardcore, black metal, crust, screamo, and post-rock, the band set out to incorporate elements of each genre to articulate their message both musically and lyrically. A third member was added to the band shortly before entering the studio to record The Descent Of Man. The band plans to release two more albums, an EP and a LP, in order to complete their narrative. The band and a filmmaker are currently in the process of producing a film to visually capture the theme of The Descent Of Man.

The Descent Of Man follows the creation, the evolution, and the eventual annihilation of mankind. Today, we find ourselves hoping to reverse the damage that we have done and struggling to sustain what little earth we have yet to rape repeatedly. We validate this existence with stories that justify our behavior and our role in the natural world. The promise of salvation in a land we have yet to see has clouded our judgment in a land that is right before our eyes. Industrialization, militarization, overpopulation, theism, specieism, and nihilism are regarded as evolution and progress. Our greed and ignorance have been celebrated and our past has been forgotten. We were meant to be a part of nature. We were not meant to conquer nature. We were given life and we have done everything in our power to bring death upon everything in our path, including ourselves. There will be horrifying consequences for what we have done."

(Their biography)

Vestiges - The Descent Of Man (2010)

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