Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Latest Sensation From The Hague.

Lucid is a band from my home city and they play some awesome drug-fuelled Psychedelic Garage Rock. This 10" EP definitely kicks ass! There are obvious influences of MC5 and The Stooges, but you can also hear some more sounds of todays Stoner Rock. Their music is high energetic and loud! This is yet another great Motorwolf recording! This EP is pressed in a limited number of 200 copies. So get it fast as possible! Enjoy!

Having cool influences is not always enough, you have to have your own voice too.

Luckily for the Netherlands Lucid, the trio have managed to embrace the space rock and psychedelic fury of the 60’s without sounding like clones.

Selwyn Slop (vocals and bass), Bart Schotman (guitar) and Maarten van Oers (drums) explore hard rock, metal and small doses of fuzz to develop their sound.

‘Black Eyed Woman’, the stand out track of this release, is a cauldron of down-tuned licks and Ozzy-esque vocals, backed up by equal amounts of fuzz and feedback.

This could have easily been a sure fire hit in the drug-fuelled haze of groundbreaking 70’s rock. The solos are not bad either.

‘Shatter’ meanwhile, plays on Bold As Love-era Hendrix, while combining Fu Manchu’s love of no frills Californian laid back rock.

On the other hand, ‘Godspeed’ is a fast tempo rocker where the trio use their instruments as projectile weapons that enhance their artillery.

However, ‘Black Sheep’ is evidence of a band that is beginning to zone out to their own slow sci-fi jams.

A fine set of tracks that cling onto mystic 70’s charm long enough to galvanise the trios sound.


Lucid - 10" EP (2010)