Monday, December 27, 2010

Add A Little Bit Of Tobacco

A while ago I've posted the first EP by the Polish band Rachael. This is the second EP and I must say there's a lot of improvement in their music. The Add A Little Bit Of Tobacco EP sounds more Psychedelic and not so mellow as the first EP. The female singer has left the band and maybe is that the reason of the change of the musical direction. Add A Little Bit Of Tobacco reminds me a bit of some Lorenzo Woodrose stuff. Anyway, I like this EP far more than the first one. Enjoy!

Rachael band was formed in Warsaw at the begining of 2007. After a year and a lot of changes they played their first gig on a local club scene. On September 2008 they have released, recorded and produced on their own, debut EP “I bet you like drugs instead of sex”. Whole material was published on the web for free download. Music of the band is mixture of 50s & 60s mainstream, rough punk and rock psychedelic.
(From LastFM)

Rachael - Add A Little Bit Of Tobacco (2010)

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