Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Singer/Songwriter From Detriot

I have been asked by Christopher Pratt to share his EP.
I'm normally not so into singer/songwriters, but this time I make an exception. The songs of Christopher are pretty good. This guy is according to his MySpace influenced by Bob Dylan, Jack White, Burt Jansch, David Bowie, The Stooges, Son House and Robert Johnson.
The Fourth Wall EP contains six songs and they are somehow melancholic and sometimes a bit Psychedelic. You have to be in the mood to listen this EP. Give it a listen anyway. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Christopher Pratt. I am a singer/songwriter in Detroit. I recently put forth the time/effort/money to go into Rochambeaux Studio in Hazel Park and record my first studio EP, entitled The Fourth Wall. It's a surprising, haunting, and poignant EP that mixes a variety of influences from Pink Floyd psychedelia to Bob Dylan folk and Bowie-esque attitude.
The Fourth Wall was produced by my good friend Patrick Davy, and I can honestly say that his experience, sense of music, and guidance has been absolutely invaluable to myself and this record. Patrick also contributed musically to the album, including electric guitar, piano, and even back-up vocals on the track, "You Will Sleep A Heavy Sleep." Patrick is also the leader of the up-and-coming Detroit band Patrick Davy and the Ghosts. Check it out.
Andrew Davis is the long-time friend of Patrick and the sound engineer for The Fourth Wall. Andrew also contributed significantly to the sound on the record, and he also played many instruments, including the synthesizer and many of the percussion instruments.
The Fourth Wall is set to be released on Friday, August 6th 2010. All of the tracks will be available for both streaming online and free online downloads. Later in the year, we will have some actual CD's printed and for sale. You can listen to "Mystery Man Blues" and "You Will Sleep a Heavy Sleep" above, both of which are on The Fourth Wall E.P.

(From MySpace)

Christopher Pratt - The Fourth Wall EP (2010)

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