Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crystal Meth Boogie

A transparent vinyl album with a transparent plastic sleeve? It should not become any crazier! And it can get any more crazier, because this LP is only pressed at one side! This album contains one song and it takes about a quarter of an hour. It seems a bit little that you get for 20 euros, but it is completely offset by the music! Santa Cruz offers you in one song all that they've got! Santa Cruz is the continuation of Orange Sunshine.
The song What Is Love? (Crystal Meth Boogie) is an eruption of Stoner Rock, Doom, Metal and Psychedelic. It is dark, sinister and absolutely heavy! Too bad they didn't press the other side of the album, because this tastes really for more! If you want to order this album, then I suggest you act fast. There are only 200 copies made! Enjoy!

One-sided fully transparent 12inch (and sleeve) - limited to 200 copies, a 16 minute insane and epic black acid fuzz drug rock metal track by Orange Sunshine, old ZZ Top meets Danzig meets Goatsnake. Very sinister, very insane, very dramatic and very heavy psychedelic/psychotic doom/drone/boogie/boner rock song of 16 minutes, Orange Sunshine's black ritual acid rock drug metal project!
(From Godspill.net)

Santa Cruz - What Is Love? (Crystal Meth Boogie) LP (2010)

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