Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Queen

Thanks to Guilherme for sharing his band's demo!
Red Queen is a foursome from Brazil, that plays some nice Stoner Rock. This demo contains four great tracks. Red Queen sounds very original. Maybe because of the drums, I like that style of playing. The guitars sound very well and the singer has a good voice for this music. If you like Stoner Rock, then this demo will not disappoint you! Enjoy and support this band!

Red Queen is a band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This quartet are formed by the singer Pedro Araújo who listens Black Sabbath every day, Lucas who bring the stoner rock elements for the songs, Guilherme Scarpellini who loves blues and Hendrix style and the prodigy child Ciro Trevisan who plays with furious and madness. Influenced on 90's music and other hard bands of the 70's, the band record your first independent album on 2010. Now it is here, available for your ears.
Enjoy it!

(Their bio)

Red Queen - Demo (2010)


Pedro said...

Yes! Rock and roll directly from Brazil!!!

robletos said...

porra loca demoniaca

Victor said...

I already had the pleasure of seeing a Red Queen show. And i say that they are the best stoner rock band in Belo horizonte e Minas gerais.

Keep Rockin'on