Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Born Into Eternity

The first time I heard Starchild, was on a split album with the great band Rebreather. Starchild did impress me pretty much on that split album. So I went out searching for more of them and I found this CD.
Born Into Eternity is their second album and I must say it is a decent Stoner Rock album with some Doom and Metal influences.
The singer reminds me of something, but I do not know exactly of what. Born Into Eternity contains in overall great music. Enjoy!

"Twin Earth has seen the wisdom in releasing a new album by these Waycross, Georgia doomsters, and it's a step forward, while retaining the doom roots that have made them great. Viewing song titles like 'Rising Star,' 'Earthless,' and 'Born into Eternity' one might be forgiven for assuming that this was just another chapter in the Starchild saga, good as that may have been. But things are a bit different this time: The songs are shorter and the riffs are catchier - stonier if you will - while the music is still as heavy as the proverbial million pound shithammer."
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Starchild - Born Into Eternity (2005)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the singer reminds you of David Gilmour? Behold from 1:06 to 1:16 sounds a lot like Pink Floyd's Time.

Anonymous said...

hoho, dragonaut intro