Monday, October 18, 2010


Thanks to sous chef Luke from the band Hunters for sharing their demo!
This impressive three-track demo is made by Hunters from Chicago, U.S.A. This fivesome plays a great mix of Stoner Rock, Metal, Sludge and Doom. Hunter claims to be influenced by the following: Alice in Chains, Hawkwind, Down, old White Zombie, Earth, Pantera, Motorhead, Exhorder, Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Faith No More, Failure, Sepultura, Slayer, High on Fire, Prong, Mastodon, Sleep, Crowbar, DRI, Tool, Clutch, Melvins, Pigface, Testament, Napalm Death, Entombed, etc.
These guys play their music exceptionally good. All of the tracks from this demo are very high quality! It strikes me that the singer sounds a bit like Ben Ward from Orange Goblin, who also has a great voice.
This demo is the predecessor of the forthcoming debut album. I look really forward to that release! Enjoy!

We are Hunters from Chicago, IL. We're a five piece heavy band made of ex members of Arbiter of Conceit, Plague Bringer, The Arnolfini Marriage, etc. We don't often get compared to many bands but some bands that we love are Corrosion of Conformity, Sleep, Howl, White Zombie, Pantera, Down, High on Fire, etc. Our music reflects an amalgamation of all of those influences but doesn't sound like a particular one. In June 2010 we recorded a 3 song demo at Phase audio in Highland Park IL with Andrew Ragin of the Atlas Moth that also features guest vocals on the track Engine of Deceit by Stavros from the Atlas Moth. We played shows with Red Fang, Earthride, Indian, Black Cobra, Struck By Lightning, Howl, Rue, Black Skies, etc. and went head first into the studio to record our full length which is being mixed as we speak and will be shipped to Florida to be mixed by James Murphy (Testament, Death, Disincarnate, Konkhra, etc).

Hunters - Summer Demo (2010)


Stephen said...

that is the nicest CD-R in a paper sleeve I've ever seen!

JK said...

Thanks for Hunters, Amigo... ;)

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