Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bulgarian Hard Rock 'n' Roll (Part II)

Thanks again to Toshe for sharing these albums from his band Daily Noise Club!
Almost a year ago I've posted the three-track single Let Us with the awesome track Do You Wanna Know
Now I offer you the full-length albums Dirty Dress and Next Level. Daily Noise Club plays a combination of Hard Rock and Rock 'n' Roll and these guys do that damn fine.
This band offers you some great catchy tunes. The album Dirty Dress even shows a pinch of Stoner. The album Next Level features the song Do You Wanna Know (Yes, again!) and more great songs. These two albums definitely deserve a listen! Enjoy!

Next Level album reviews:

“Next Level” as a disc, is a strange beast indeed. The only really common thread throughout the album is a high level of energy, the pieces move from mood to mood and sound to sound, whether it be angry and explosive (opener "Next Level"), ecstatic and energetic ("Above"), a slow burn buildup to explosion ("I See (What You See)") or positively mournful and troubled ("Dead Gent"). One thing that probably hurt this album considerably was that the sound/style is difficult to pigeon-hole. While that is all well and good for a listener, that did not sit well with radio. You were either grunge or you weren't. But this album is probably the most successful example of blurring the lines. The sound of the Daily Noise Club is still rooted in early 1980s glam/alternative but the distorted guitars have been slimmed down to a more subtle production. In other words, it's heavy music performed softly. Although the CD is full of contradictions that do not bode well for popular music, still it shows another musical aspect of the rock music, that reveals its beauty after listening to it several times.
( AMAdea Records, Bulgaria)

Daily Noise Club are fighters and they are very passionate about their music.
Granted, the title and opening track, isn't one to grab you by the throat, but the following 'Do You Wanna Know' sets the pace for a series of blistering in-your-face songs which can be loosely described as eaw streetwise rock'n'roll from the gutter with stabs of "alternative rock" (whatever that may mean) and a nod or two back to sleazy 80's Hollywood (think Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango et al rather than Poison or Warrant).
The funk in 'Shells' sounds not naive and childish, but rather mature, whilst 'Positive Relief' has a spaced-out vibe to it which makes me think the boys had a spliff or two when they were writing and recording it. The rest is, as they used to say back in the day, "gutsy, ballsy, horny" rock'n'roll and if you ask me, 'Next Level' is well worth getting a hold of. And don't miss this band live either.


Daily Noise Club - Next Level (2008)

Daily Noise Club - Dirty Dress (2002)

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