Friday, October 29, 2010

Awesome Instrumental Stoner Rock From Canada

Thanks to Sam from the band Monobrow for sharing this fantastic album!
Monobrow is a trio from Ottawa, Canada. This band plays Instrumental Stoner Rock and they do that more that awesome! Their self-titled debut album is an excellent piece of work. The guitar player Paul is nothing less than a virtuoso. This guy plays great riffs and outstanding solos! The accompaniment of drum and bass should not be shortchanged. Brian and Sam are also gifted musicians.
Monobrow treats you on eight great songs on this album. The sound is well produced. This is a highly recommended album! Listen this album and you will agree with me! Enjoy and support this band!

Instrumental rock enthusiasts Monobrow churn out a love of powerful riff-driven psych-rock on their debut.

Where modern instrumental rock bands tend to fall down is in a lack of originality and variation during the ideas process, something that thankfully, can not be said about Monobrow.

It was in the bustling Canadian metropolis of Ottawa, that the trio of Sam Beydoun (bass), Paul Slater (guitar) and Brian Ahopelto (drums) first gained exposure to a wider audience thanks to Carleton University’s CKCU station.

Swirls of feedback surround ‘Naught Witch’ as does the genre-crossing experimentation of hard rock, thrash and warm wah-wah drones that fleet into the appeasing afternoon sun.

Each of the eight tracks on this release is between five and nine minutes in length, and you can not help feeling that this is certainly not by chance.

The complexity of compositions such as: ‘From the Brown Sun’ and ‘Buried in the Backyard’ rise and fall naturally.

It is as if the trio find their composed and natural state towards the end of timely segments that unite a well thought out melody or chord-sequence while ending on a high.

This timely release co-insides with a resurgence in psych-rock, which will no doubt help Monobrow turn the liquid assets on their Bandcamp inventory into gold.

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Monobrow - Monobrow (2010)


dan said...

sounds like just my cup of tea, thanks very much.

yeoldstinkeye said...

Thanks Man.

Kenny Eaton said...

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