Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stockholm Syndrom

Stockholm Syndrom is the debut album by the Belgian Stoner Rock band Kube. This album is a nice on. It contains original songs with great grooves. According to their MySpace Kube is influenced by the following: Kyuss, Motorpsycho, The Melvins, Qotsa, Dead Kennedys, Motown, Joy Division, Lalo Schifrrin, Hawkwind, Django Reinhardt and more. So you have a small clue of what you're facing! Enjoy!

A pumping vibe, a CD which makes you take your car, open the windows and drive with the pedal to the metal. Wicked humour, raging venom and twisted unanswered love injected songs are spewed upon us with such hate and frustration. Kube is ready to let us know what is going on in their minds in ten songs that leave you no moment of rest. Unless you count the instrumentals 'Army On My Side' or 'Orgy' as a pausing of the steamy grooves. The first one being a mesmerizing riff swelling bigger and faster every minute, the second being as sticky, sweaty and gluey as the best scenes from Spartacus or I, Claudius. It surely honours the name of the track! The vocals are great and I like the double vocals/singing in a song like 'Motivation'. A great debut from these Belgians, who are sure to be killer on stage!
(By Erik at Allthatisheavy)

Kube - Stockholm Syndrom (2006)

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