Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deep Inside

The first Stoner Rock wave in Holland was started by bands as Beaver, Celestial Season, 35007 and 7 Zuma 7. These bands were the inspiration for later bands as Astrosoniq and Gomer Pyle.
Deep Inside is the full-length album by 7 Zuma 7 and it is an awesome album. 7 Zuma 7 is a bit inspired by Monster Magnet. Too bad they quit after this album. Before Deep Inside 7 Zuma 7 made one great EP. Enjoy!

The stoner metal movement of the late ‘90s was primarily based in the U.S., but other areas of the world spawned similarly styled outfits as well, including Eindhoven, Holland's 7 Zuma 7. Formed in the middle of the decade, the group's original line-up consisted of singer/guitarist Jerry van Eyck, guitarist John Peate, bassist Nick Sanders, and drummer Jacco van Rooij. 1997 saw the release of a self-titled, five song EP, which led to appearances at such music festivals as the Dynamo Open Air 1996 and 1998 and Lowlands 1998, and made a major fan out of Monster Magnet frontman Dave Wyndorf. December of 1998 saw Sander's exit from the band, as two bassists attempted to fill the vacant spot over the course of 1999 (first up was Ronald Herregraven, next was Arjen Rienks), before newcomer Miranda Vandervoot was welcomed onboard permanently. The same year, 7 Zuma 7 issued their debut full-length, Deep Inside, which featured a spirited cover of the Who classic, "The Seeker."
(By Greg Prato at All Music Guide)

7 Zuma 7 - Deep Inside (1999)

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Anonymous said...

Greg Prato needs to check his facts. Astrosoniq definetly belong to the first wave of dutch stoner. And where he got the idea that the stoner metal movement primarily based in the U.S, I can't figure out. I have been reviewing stoner/doom since 97 and there is no doubt that the european scene (Sweden/Germany/Holland) was dominating hard at the time. The americans have since then cought up with EU, but no way that they dominate the scene. Finally I must point out that when it comes to unforgettable releases within ''our'' genre, EU still has the lead over U.S. Thanx for hearing me out/Joe sWEEDen