Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Experimental Stoner Rock From The Midwest

Thanks to Matt from the band Sleestak for sharing their album!
Sleestak is a band from Milwaukee and Wisconsin, U.S.A. This band plays some very nice experimental Stoner Rock with several influences such as Metal and Doom. Their album Skylon Express contain some new songs and songs from previous EP's and they all sound great! Matt does some awesome singing. He can do several things with his voice: Raw rock singing and something that is coming close to grunting. The musicians do their job exceptionally well. Skylon Express is a highly recommended album! Go listen and let your mind drift away on these nice tunes! Enjoy and support this band!

Formed in late 2003 with former members of Sixinch, Atomic Number 9, and Planet Delirium, Sleestak have become one of the midwest's most unique bands, gaining fans in the region and abroad with their metal/psychedelic fused doom rock. Sometimes labeled a "metal jam band", the band often delve into the bluesy realms of improvisation and embrace free-flowing instrumentals, taking the music into epic mind-altering depths. Through live demos and bootlegs over the past couple years, Sleestak have garnered radio play, media praise, and positive comparisons to Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Monster Magnet, Isis, Colour Haze, The Melvins, Ten Years After, and other groups that thrive on experimentation, originality, and heaviness.
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Sleestak - Skylon Express (2010)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanx a lot!


Matt said...

Thanks a ton Riez! Awesome review. Everyone please spread the word and download and share. Support your local scene.

Sadness said...

great post .. like all the songs and these days not many albums i`ve bought give me the same pleasure..10/10
thanks Riez