Friday, June 18, 2010

Ciudad De Brahman

Ciudad De Brahman is the second album of the Argentinian band Los Natas. It is a great Stoner Rock album with some Psychedelic elements and Heavy passages. I posted the album Corsario Negro a while ago and if you know that album, then you know what to expect. With the difference that Ciudad De Brahman has more Kyuss influences. Enjoy!

Formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Los Natas put the second largest South American nation on the world's stoner rock map almost single-handedly. Coming together in the mid-‘90's, guitarist/vocalist Sergio Chotsourian, bassist Miguel Fernandez and drummer Walter Broide displayed a distinct Kyuss obsession on their 1996 debut Delmar, which was sung almost exclusively in Spanish. But subsequent releases such as 1999's Ciudad de Brahman and 2002's Corsario Negro (featuring new bassist Gonzalo Villagra) quickly expanded upon this oft-borrowed blueprint, adding sonic elements culled from space rock, psychedelia and even jazz, meshing and elevating them all to heights arguably never scaled south of the Equator. Not content to sit on their laurels, the group's 2003's Toba Trance delved into Indian music over the course of three songs spread over sixty-minutes.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Los Natas - Ciudad De Brahman (1999)

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Sadness said...

Thanks again riez..what a great album..just wish they lived here..
plenty of pysch drenched guitar on this for me..
all best mate