Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Tunes From Basque Country

Here is another great Basque album. Sexty Sexers are a Stoner/Hard Rock band and Hero Mantra is their third album. I can't find any information in English about this band, except for their MySpace. Hero Mantra is a nice piece of work. It contains real great songs. This band has a great singer and good musicians. Enjoy!

“The creation of new Mantra has been acid, with many flavours, salty, sour and sweet, too. It’s been directly conditioned by feelings of different nature. In the old, we’ve been fascinated by new gaps and, in the new, we’ve been guided by our lived experiences. It’s a mad Mantra, who wouldn’t know where to rest, who doesn’t know which water it has drunk. But, like a hero, we’ll repeat it once and again. Like a hero who’s freed the tears and laughs from our entrails.” Hero Mantra.
(From MySpace)

Sexty Sexers - Hero Mantra (2009)

Thanks and credits to Grandfunk Boy!

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Hey! this was awesome!

Thanx Grandfunk Boy and Riez!