Saturday, June 5, 2010


Stake-Off The Witch is an Italian Stoner Rock band with some Doom influences. This band has a lovely lady singer with a great voice! Medusa is their second album. It has a great sound and nice grooves. In short: A great Stoner Rock album that you don't want to miss! Enjoy!

Some time ago I reviewed the first album of Stake-Off when they were on Sliptrick Records. No they seem to have been headhunted for Swedish Fuzzorama Records. The music is still a captive mix of mainly heavy stoner metal but with elements of dark industrial in the sound.

The sound is much heavier and more stoner’ish compared to the first outing. The female voice gives the sound a quite hypnotic and almost creepy depth. I like this record so much more than the previous because of the colossal wall of sound. The band hasn’t evolved – well, quite the opposite I guess, but it’s damn sure for the better. Old school stonerrock with strange lyrics and foxy girls – what’s not to like…

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Stake-Off The Witch - Medusa (2010)

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ufo said...

....good stuffinzee!
Polisessions also is a hoot!
You really search out and find the underground!
Keep up the good work!