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Banisher Of The Light

Sparzanza is a Swedish Metal band with Stoner influences. Banisher Of The Light is their fourth album. The singer is just awesome, this man has a great voice. The songs are very well. My personal favorites are Before My Blackened Eyes and the title track Banisher Of The Light. Enjoy!

Sweden's Sparzanza is a perfect example of how important it can be to find the right band members. The dark, raspy and powerful voice of frontman Fredrik Weileby puts a distinct mark on the entire album "Banisher Of The Light" which is actually the first time I come in touch with the band although they have put out a few CDs before. According to the press sheet they have however moved in a heavier and darker direction this time around which I can imagine being a good decision based on their current sound. Sparzanza performs non-pretentious, straight-forward heavy rock where the emphasis is placed on groove and melody instead of flashy details. The lyrics and overall atmosphere is of a rather dark nature which fit very well with Weileby's voice and it almost makes me want to think of Sparzanza as a stoner rock version of Danzig. Fellow Swedish rockers Mustasch is another valid reference point and Mustasch frontman Ralph Gyllenhammar actually guests on this album, as does The Haunted belcher Peter Dolving.
Sparzanza have played together for more than ten years now, playing countless shows all over Europe and it is easy to tell from listening to this album that all the experience they have gained has made them gel together, making them work as one. They have become a very tight, mature and complete group of musicians working towards the same goal. There is however one thing that prevents this album from becoming one of my favorites this month. It is incredibly difficult to compose extremely technical music and make it sound good and interesting all the way through. On the other side of the spectrum this is equally true for a more direct rock approach and even if Sparzanza can easily compare themselves with anyone else in the business when at their best such as the album hit "Before My Blackened Eyes", many songs of the album tend to sound a bit too anonymous. Also worth mentioning is the closing track "State Of Mind". Fresh and modern sounding yet strangely familiar.

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Sparzanza - Banisher Of The Light (2007)

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