Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spaced Out In The Hague.

At some blogs I saw posts about the Øresund Space Collective performance at Roadburn. This post is about the pre Roadburn performance at De Vinger.
De Vinger (The Finger) is a small bar in The Hague and I was really surprised Øresund Space Collective was announced there. The Collective did only one performance in The Netherlands in the past and now they've played in my home city! Awesome!
As I expected, Øresund Space Collective did play a great show. It was an over two hours during Space Trip. An unforgettable experience. But too bad, they didn't recorded all of it, so here's an over one hour recording.
What also surprised me was the fact there were at the most 25 visitors at this great show. (People don't know what they have missed or The Hague isn't ready for totally improvised Space Rock!)
It was really nice to see Dr. Space enjoying his music in his fluorescent wizard robe! I hope they will visit The Hague again sometimes. Maybe then there will be a better audience. Enjoy this experience!

Øresund Space Collective - Live At De Vinger (April 14th 2010)


mr.A said...

Dat is heel tof Riez, mijn dank is groot.

Anonymous said...

Nice Riez! Thanx,


Mari said...

Thanks so much, Riez!

Sadness said...

You so lucky to see them live..wish myself there a hundred times..never make it..thanks for the concert..all best Riez

Scott said...

Thanks for coming out and writing something about it. Perhaps more people will show up next time, if there is a next time... Only 45 mins of the show was not recorded by me but the guy from Musical Chairs collective in Leiden, he has the rest of the 1st set that I missed but I don't have a copy yet.

scott and the OSC

Nillbilly said...

This band is amazing, not only do they have a ton of live downloads on, but they also have about 35 hours of jams and rehearsals on their website, for a tiny donation.