Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corsario Negro.

Los Natas is a well known Stoner Rock band from Argentinia and it is one of my favorite bands! Corsario Negro is their third album. In my opinion this is a classic. The sound of this album is awesome, just listen to the guitar. There is nothing like that! Los Natas treats you on this album with heavy parts alternated with more atmospheric pieces. Planeta Solitario is one of the best Los Natas songs ever. So the conclusion here is: If you don't know this album, go listen to it and enjoy!

What has six legs, three heads, sings in Spanish, and sounds like a herd of dinosaurs marching across a pre-historic Patagonian beach? Why, it must be Argentina's phenomenal Los Natas, whose earth-shaking brand of doom metal ranks with the best yet heard in this new millennium. Recorded in their hometown Buenos Aires' Abasto Studios with the aid of renowned indie rock producer Billy Anderson (Helios Creed, Red House Painters, etc.), the band's third full album, Corsario Negro, continues to distill their post-Kyuss stoner rock/doom metal with a wash of psychedelic sounds, space rock, blues infections, and jazzy noodlings. Opening with the very amusing "2002" (essentially the main theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey gone doom), the album rumbles into gear with a trio of stunning tracks combining all of the above sounds; beginning with the mesmerizing "Planeta Solitario," rolling onward through the galloping "Patas de Elefante," and culminating in the simply colossal power chords of "El Cono del Encono" -- quite simply an all-time doom classic. The disc's mostly instrumental second half isn't quite as satisfying, but still offers a number of inspired moments by way of the crushing title cut and the quite beautiful, sweetly chiming melodies of "Hey Jimmy" and "El Gauchito." All in all, the dynamic swings and stylistic depth found on Corsario Negro represent a new stage in the group's evolution and will likely convert many past cynics who may have accused Los Natas of owing far too great a debt to Kyuss. Here, they have clearly broken free of these shackles and are forging their own path.
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Los Natas - Corsario Negro (2001)

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Riez I know what you as well i love that sound classic desert sound it blows my mind is great..always looking something similar to that sound but its Unida in the last day song..that sound is super great^^ i wish just one cd only that guitar sound..but cant find nothing lol..keep doing the great job Riez^^.im Fra