Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Estonian Jewel.

Here's another great CD Jarmo gave me, thanks again!
It is nice to see there is a booming music scene in Estonia. There are a lot of awesome bands over there! One of them is Leech.
Leech is the former band of Talbot's bass player and singer Magnus, but this is a lot different than Talbot! Leech plays a combination of Grunge, Progressive Metal and Stoner Rock. The result is great! Tram-O-Gram is a very nice CD. It contains ten great songs with a lot of variety and authenticity. Enjoy!

We've been waiting for six years and it has finally landed! After some fifty live shows and two singles ("Disconnected" 2003, and "Powerfields" that participated in the Baltic New Music Chart last year), "Tram-O-Gram", the first album of the chaos managers and intergalactic progressive metal pilots crashes the sound systems, decks and boom boxes of the fans like a flying saucer hit Roswell.

Four men form Leech, Magnus, Ivo, Erik and Rainer, and as accustomed to Estonian musicians, most of them have their fingers dipped in more than one pie at once. Bassist Magnus is also part of PlekkSaapad and Melmac, drummer Erik has been part of Loom, and Rainer is half the pop-industrial duo RUHT.

The birth of "Tram-O-Gram" was not an easy one. It took well over two years, plenty of laughing gas, trips to various hospital rooms and midwives until The One was found – the peak of the Soviet architecture Linnahall and the legendary engineer Elmu Värk residing within. He put his mighty mitts at work, helping to perfect the sound and creation of "Tram-O-Gram".

All 10 songs and the design of the CD create a conceptual interweaved whole. They are observations and ironic notes of a bystander about a mankind, who wait for a mystical saviour, while doing nothing to stop the demise they have brought on themselves. Postcards from a post-apocolyptic world that might not be such a bad place without humans.

(From their website)

Leech - Tram-O-Gram (2007)

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