Monday, April 5, 2010


Ashes is the third album by the Swedish Stoner Doom band Suma. And what can I say about it? That it is a masterpiece! It is after Let The Churches Burn the logical follow up. Ashes contains five very intense songs enginered by Billy Anderson. The songs are on average slightly longer than on Let The Churches Burn. Suma has their own significant sound and it shows on Ashes. The combination of the Guitar with the Drums sounds awesome. This one is the CD version, but the vinyl version contains one extra track.
Last night I saw these guys again and it was a unforgettable and impressive performance. The singer stood behind the band. I never have seen such thing. Between singing this guys does some strange arm movements, it's a great thing to see! And the sound was excellent.
Enjoy Ashes!

Suma - Ashes (2010)


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