Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Nice South American Compilation.

Thanks to Johnny Walker for sending me this great compilation! And this is what the guy said about it:

A compilation of some obscure/unheard contemporary South American bands - from Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay
covers a range of styles - Sabbathy riffs, garage punk, space rock, jazzy noise rock, strung out desert rock and heavy blues rock - but can all be fit under the category of "Stoner"

Title: Skittles - Contemporary South American Garage Punk, Psych & Blues

01. Los Vellocets - Phantom Blues
02. Santacruz - Star Girl Blues
03. Hemicuda Power Trio - F.O.G. (Face Of God)
04. Hablan Por La Espalda - Luz Y Feh
05. The Baseball Furies - What Are They Hiding From Us?
06. Mermel - Sol De Iruya
07. Kirlian - Conte Hasta Tres
08. Pasajero - De Los Daltonicos
09. El Mundo De Pecval - Playa De Metal
10. Low Valium - Widow
11. Ufesas - Goin' To The Mountain
12. Trenes Al Sur - Huracan
13. Revolver - Peligroso Rio

Total time: 63:07

Out now on itunes, ltd edition CD available next mont

Skittles - Contemporary South American Garage Punk, Psych & Blues (2010)


hugzzz said...

link is broken

Anonymous said...

Please reup can't download.

Lord Riff said...

You forgot about Brasil the largest coutry in south america, also have some great tunes!