Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dutch Aggressive Sludge Metal.

Fehler is a Sludge Metal trio from Den Bosch, Holland and they play it raw! I like this right-in-your-face attitude! Their EP Adharma is fucking awesome! This is Aggression, do you get that? I'm listening the EP right now and I'm not typing this short review, but I am hammering it into my keyboard! That is what this music do to me! I love it!
I saw these guys last sunday with Suma, Pyramida and Heavy Lord and they did impress!
These guys are influenced by Crowbar, Taint, Torche and Unsane. The singer has a brutal and raw voice. This EP has a great sound. Go experience it and support these guys! Buy this EP! Enjoy and get swallowed in anger!

With influences coming from metal, hardcore and sludge, the outlines of FEHLER weren’t quite written in stone when they entered their rehearsal space for the first time somewhere at the end of 2007. A lot has happened since then. After a DIY recorded demo, an unreleased recording session and quite a bunch of shows (W2, 013, DB’s, The Stage, Dynamo, with the likes of Amenra, Kruger, Wraith and many more) FEHLER changed its line up from a quartet to trio, with bass player Freek taking over the vocal duties. As the new line up asked for a different musical approach, most of the old repertoire was thrown overboard and FEHLER began working on new material with renewed energy. Their strongest and most blistering songs to date resulted in a five-track ep called ‘Adharma’, the band’s first professional recordings, done in a time frame of a couple of weeks at the HKU studios in Hilversum. ‘Adharma’ sees the light of day at the end of 2009 through Black Death Records, in the season of long, dark nights. In the meantime, make sure to catch this fearsome threesome live.
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Fehler - Adharma EP (2009)


lucas said...

Uma das melhores coisas que ouvi, no seu blog.
A voz dele lembra Max Cavalera.

onibaku said...

Thanks mate.These guys are great imo.Nice blog you have also.Cheers.