Monday, April 19, 2010

Into The Multiverse.

Into The Multiverse is the second album by the awesome dutch band Stone Oak Cosmonaut. The first album
Out Of Orbit was already a killer, but Into The Multiverse is even better! Stone Oak Cosmonaut plays a great combination of Space Rock and Psychedelic Stoner Rock. The voice of the singer is remarkable, I love that sound. The songs are supurb. The second song Cosmonaut Nr.6 (Valentina Tereshkova) is an ode to the first woman in space. The title track is a song in seven parts and I assure you: It is great! I recommend this album to all of you! You can order it at their MySpace page with the pay-what-you-want idea. So I say: Order it immediately!

Stone Oak Cosmonaut - Into The Multiverse (2010)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Viva La Dutch!


Anonymous said...

Great im Fra ^^

Anonymous said...

Otro discazo,ole morenín.