Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Burn The Shivers

Last week I've posted the album The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky by the band Wallrus. This is their final one called Burn The Shivers. This album is a perfect continuation on The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky.
Burn The Shivers is an album full of great Blues driven Stoner Rock. There is even more room for the harmonica. This album is slightly more Blues oriented than it's predecessor. But the Kyuss and QOTSA influences are certainly still present in their sound. The album Burn The Shivers is an improvement over their previous work. The vocals are even better, as far as possible. This guy has really an impressive voice. Damn, that this band has stopped is a real pity. Enjoy!

1999 Is the year a band was formed in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and they decided to hit the stages real quick. The name that would appear on the bills is Wallrus and stoner is their game. That same year they released their debut EP followed by two albums and in September 2007 their latest ones come out. "Burn The Shivers" contain 12 tracks and a videoclip of the song "High Plains Drifter".
The songs are driven by heavy sludgy guitars with catchy riffs and with leads. A nice role is there for the harmonica that vocalist Rob uses in the songs, it gives it a bluesy edge. But he has also a good voice that can do clean soft part but also raw whiskey shouting.
With "Burn The Shivers" the band delivers a nice album that is not Metal but a nice one for your car or in a saloon. And as a bonus you get the video with the clip, making of the clip and a picture gallery.
A catch album for those you are into Stoner Rock 'n' Roll.

Wallrus - Burn The Shivers (2007)

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Wild Thing said...

Too much blues orientated for me, I prefer the 2003 album...