Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At The Cracks Of Void

Thanks to the band Brachiosauride for sharing their album!
Excavations is the debut album by the American band Brachiosauride. This band plays some impressive Experimental Sludge Metal with Stoner, Doom, Noise and several other influences.
Their music consists of intense heavy tunes with some whacky, but awesome vocals. Excavations is a varied album with songs that are a bit fast and songs with a more moderate tempo. This is an album that for sure must be heard. Enjoy!

Influenced by 50s Blues, 60s Psych, 70s Prog, 80s Doom, Thrash and Hardcore Punk, 90s Sludge, Noise, Grindcore, Stoner, Mathcore and Experimental acts, Brachiosauride play a fusion brand of Progressive Sludge that gives the listener a unique experience; with creating a sonic texture of each songís concept, both musically and vocally. Our first studio release is a concept album called ìExcavationsî including 10 songs that run over 37 minutes of mega mind blowing riffage, release in September 2011.
(Their bio)

"Excavations" is the first studio album by Progressive Sludge band Brachiosauride, itís a ten-song concept record, following a surreal storyline in which the main character enters a parallel universe in order to reach the ultimate passage between time and eternity. Entering the universe, he finds himself in an apocalyptic void called Mount Vein, where everything is almost insane, following the mountain he finds the underworld lurked, it brings back the absolute pain and is probably the most doom section of the journey. With an inadvertent universal shift, the path turns into a space time paradox, struggling with timeís arrow he enters the ultimate ground of surrealism, with a cut between Aleister Crowley and Salvador Daliís ideologies the black sun rises, itís the dawn of our hero, heís been teleported to his early lifetime, obsessed with the dogs of war, religion and politics he finds his way back to the universe, but one and also important mistake is enough to take him to the darkest abysses of Edgar Allen Poe, trapped in the abyss, redefining that bleak classic, he has failed once again, with depression surrounding him, he gets lost in the mortal forest. Thatís where the hypnotism of the birds brings him back to life, And yes as the spiritualism goes, H.P. Lovecraft is not far from it, time for a universal gap to the Lovecraft classic ìThe Crawling Chaosî, with the final space Armageddon done, our hero enters the final phase of his voyage, the cosmic path of eternity, attaining the ultimate prowess, he has just started the first stage of the adventure.
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Brachiosauride - Excavations (2011)

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