Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anthem To The Fall And Awakening Of The Tiny Yellow Flower

Sedimentation was the second recording by the band Elephantum from Amsterdam, Holland. This band did play great Stoner Rock with Psychedelic tendencies. This five-track EP is filled with huge and heavy guitar riffs, great bass and drum rhytms, a nice pinch of organ and some impressive vocals.
I learned about Elephantum when I heard the song Black Butterfly on the Stoner compilation album Ultimate Fuzz Collection vol 1. This song made me craving to hear more songs from this band. Eventually I managed to get this EP. Too bad I've never seen this band in action. Enjoy!

Elephantum was a psychedelic rock band from the Netherlands. It existed between 1998 and 2004. It came forth out of “Cosmic Insect”. Founding members Michiel Ferweda (guitars) and Matthijs Herder (vocals & guitars) tried several line-ups before settling with drummer Marc Fien and bassist Niels Keijzer. This line-up was active under the name “SAND”.

In January 2001 the “Transhuman Entity” album was recorded. A 40-minute odyssey which the press described as a perfect fusion between Kyuss and Pink Floyd. In June of the same year a 5 track EP was recorded with Emiel van de Berg on bassguitar. These recordings later surfaced as the “Sedimentation” EP and were mixed by Marcel van der Vondervoort (of Astrosoniq fame). It consisted of shorter and poppier tracks. After a name change into Elephantum and several line-up changes the band re-grouped with Stone In Egypt’s old rhythm section at the end of 2003 and the Sedimentaiton EP saw a worldwide release thru Freebird Records. But in 2004, after a period of extensive gigging (with Astrosoniq, Los Natas, Dozer, Epica, Wall Of Sleep among many others) the band decided to call it a day.

Elephantum was featured on the first two volumes of the compilation albums and on Fuzzorama’s “Ultimate Fuzz Collection vol 1”.
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Elephantum - Sedimentation (2001)

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Ilbrujo said...

Underrated album (and rare) since its release.
Only a few enjoyed them at that time...