Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drive On

Zeus is a band from Amsterdam, Holland. This quartet plays Heavy Rock with Stoner and Grunge influences. The singer of this band is Jeroen van Koningsbrugge. This guy is here in Holland a famous and humorous TV personality. It was a total surprise for me that he also has these vocal qualities.
This band was completed with three more than capable musicians. Zeus has released two albums until now. The first one was called Bad Signs from 2005 and this album from 2007 is just simply named 07. A new album was scheduled for 2009 or 2010, but it seems that Zeus for indefinitely has stopped.
I'm not familiar with their debut album Bad Signs, but I can tell that 07 is an impressive piece of work. Enjoy!

ZEUS was founded in 2003 by singer Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, drummer Paul Jansen and guitarist Roy Jansen. Soon after, bass player Bob Gerritsen completed the band. The objective was clear and simple: to make heavy, groovy rock music. Influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Karma To Burn, Transport League, Goatsnake and the wave of nineties grunge and stoner, ZEUS developed their sound.
After spending their first year in rehearsal rooms, ZEUS started recording in the spring of 2004 with producer Marcel vd Vondervoort (Astrosoniq and others). The band flew to New York to play the famous CBGB’s venue, trying out their material for the first time. Their American style and heavy performance kicked in right away, selling out the “Threetrackintroduction” demo immediately. ZEUS returned to Amsterdam, fired up and ready to finish their debut album “Bad Signs”. It was released independently in 2005 by ZEUS’ own label Sixxkiller and distributed by Suburban. Bad Signs said it all: raw, heavy groove rock grabbing you by the throat. While the album was getting positive reviews, ZEUS started doing what they do best: playing live shows till they dropped.

In October 2007, ZEUS’ second album “07” was released by Freebird Records. The album was very well received in Europe and the USA and contains 10 tracks that deliver a cocktail of old school heavy rock, melodic groove and even some doom. Like the debut album, 07 was mixed and produced by Marcel vd Vondervoort and mastered by Alan Ward. Somewhere in 2008, Bob Gerritsen decided to emigrate to Switzerland. He left the band in October 2009. Rowdy Lemaire joined the band as the new bass player. ZEUS has plans to release their third album late 2009 or early 2010.
(Their bio)

Zeus - 07 (2007)


FemaleRocklover said...

They call it a "sabbatical" Maybe they will get on stage once again. The new CD will take a while, two band members are getting on with a new band; GOOM.
( I know them pretty good ;-) )

Insane Riez said...

FemaleRockLover, thanks for this information!

JK said...

Wanted to give ma two cents; but I see FemaleRockLover already did! ;)