Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Step Into The Dark

I like to thank the band Ostend Powers for sharing their album!
This is a hard one for me, because I seldom do Metal reviews.
Ostend Powers is a band from, how surprising, Ostend, Belgium. This band plays Crossover/Metal since 1999.
Last year they've released this same-titled album. It is a nice collection of songs.
These guys are gifted mucians and they play their music with conviction. The vocals are very great, this dude sounds like a hybrid of Mike Patton (Faith No More), Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down).
Because of the use of Keyboard, does their sound remind me a bit of Faith No More. (Especially in combination with the vocals). On the other hand I also have to think of the Swedish band Clawfinger, because of the Hip Hop/Rap influences.
All with all a nice and decent album! Enjoy!

Ostend Powers Ostend Powers dominates through an onslaught of melodic vocals and groove rock
guitars, reinforced by smash out beats. Our trademark sound is the melody that is laced throughout our music, taking listeners on an emotionally diverse rollercoaster ride. Even the hardest to impress are left gasping for breath by our live performances.
(Band description)

The fusion of 2 hardcore-crossover bands no excuse and point proven in September 1999. Both bands had been active for over 3 years.

New influences, a new singer and a scratcher (DJ CFK) brought the band to another level.

A demo was recorded in 2003 in Pink Noise Studio Eindhoven (SONY).

A few months later the departure of DJ CFK prompted a complete revamp and a new set.

Our efforts were rewarded by winning several rock rally’s in 2004. In the meantime some of our members studied at the music academy in Ostend to broaden their horizons.

We kept on playing shows and gaining live reputation till the end of 2007 when we played with our friends and legendary band ‘The Bollock Brothers’ in Keulen.

We recently finished recording a full album at The Farmhouse in Oostkamp, produced by Ace Zec (Customs, Nailpin,…).

Our first ‘Full’ got released end 2009 and topped off our 10th anniversary. It opened doors and was the beginning of a new chapter for the band.

The album was well received by several reviewers and magazines. A mix of heavy and melodious guitar riffs, funky baselines, unconventional drum rhythms, polished with a clean singing voice and synths, giving it a more poppy feel.

By then we compiled a self-made video for the song ‘Booya’. This song got chosen out of 100’s of records to get some airtime on Studio Brussel’s ‘Select’.

We got some more airplay in ‘All Area’s’ after a fantastic performance on the ‘Woosha’ summer festival.

We just signed up with Fakto Records for the distribution of the album in most music stores in the Benelux, France and Germany.

We recently won the jury price at Redrock Rally (Brugge) and another in Beernem. We played as the support act for Life of Agony and had a blast.

Right now we’re waiting for the release of our first ‘official’ video clip, recorded by Sam Van Olmen, student at the RITS.
(Their Bio)

Ostend Powers - Ostend Powers (2010)

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