Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thousand Codes - A Womb For Horus

Thousand Codes is a four piece band from Nantes, France, that says they play Post Stoner. What I actually hear in their music is a combination of Stoner Rock, Sludge and Doom.
These guys recently released their four track EP A Womb For Horus. This EP is really a nice one. Thousand Codes plays their songs with a lot of conviction.
What I especially like about this band are the vocals, but the musicians must not be forgotten. These guys have absolutely done a great performance on this EP.
The EP A Womb For Horus costs just five Euros. I tell you, it is your money well spend!

The story of THOUSAND CODES started in 2010 when three close friends from Nantes, each having varied musical backgrounds, made up their mind to become a band to share their passion for rock music and whose rallying point would be stoner-rock.
Soon after, they were joined by a fourth member sharing the same passion and enthusiasm.

THOUSAND CODES was born...

A few months later, the band decided to move forward and recorded its first EP with the first four songs they had written.

Today the band is driven by the same crave for gigs and decibels.

(Their bio)

Thousand Codes - A Womb For Horus (2011)


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Mathurin Star said...

Nantes is my town, however I never eare about them…
Thx for the news, I'll search them !

Thousand Codes said...

Mathurin Star, you are also following us on Twitter !! We'll see each other on a gig pretty soon ! Thanks for your support !