Saturday, July 16, 2011


This demo was shared with me by Chris from the band Giantrider. Thank you for that, Chris!
Giantrider is a bass and drum duo from Portland and Fargo, U.S.A. This duo plays according to their own words Stoner Rock with influences of 60s, 70s Classic Rock, NWOBHM, Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard.
When you listen this demo, you will agree with me that Electric Wizard is certainly a major source of inspiration for the sound of Giantrider.
The recording quality of this demo is not the best, but the intentions of Giantrider are very clear. These four songs show what Giantrider is about. That is to play awesome heavy Stoner/Doom. These guys have done a nice job with this demo, so I'm pretty sure there will be a great future for this band. I look forward to the next release. Enjoy!

Formed from the remains of the metal outfit known as 'WEAPON', giantrider started as a side project whilst searching for a new drummer to fit our specs. In the mean time cHrist moved his 6 string shredding abilities over to bass/big ass amps duty and vocals. Silent Mike put down his bass and sat down at the throne behind the skins. giantrider is most widely known for their live shows, let's just say this: fucking intense.
(From MySpace)

Giantrider - Demo (2011)

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This I like! Thank Riez!