Monday, July 4, 2011

A Karma To Burn Gig Announcement

This is an e-mail I've received today:

Hi Riez,

Karma to Burn have a show to play 18/07/11 at a small venue in France. I wonder if you would be able to post a few details for the show on your blog? The reason I ask is because it's a short notice show and getting publicity out there might be difficult, but also because nothing at all ever happens in our region in France and it's great that such a good band are coming to play here.

If you are able to post something to say about the show, that would be fantastic. If you can, the details are -

Venue - Moulin de Piot, 23220, Cheniers, France.

The price for a ticket is a tiny 5€ and the venue has a large campsite for people to stay. It will be an outdoor show and is in a lovely place.

Hopefully you can help,

Thanks very much

So if you live near Cheniers, not let this opportunity pass you by!


Wild Thing said...

Awesome! Karma To Burn to play in the middle of nowhere (that's the way we, French people, use to call this region, lol)!!!!
For the laziestaround here, Chéniers is located between Limoges and Châteauroux...
This could be an incredible gig!!!!

Stone regards to people who attracted the band there!

Hyastr said...

Yeah and I saw them in June in France too at the Hellfest (perfect bands were there : ). France is lucky this year !