Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Muse Of Señor Ray

Once there was this Swedish Stoner Rock band Ridge. This band made in 2001 an awesome album called A Countrydelic And Fuzzed Experience In A Columbian Supremo.
After Ridge has seize to exist, two guys continued in the band Matadors. This band plays a nice combination of Stoner Rock, Garage Rock , Punk, Country and even Tango! This made the sound of Matadors quite unique.
Matadors has released several albums and this one is The Muse Of Señor Ray from 2006. This album contains a lot of excellent songs like: Like A Matador Pt II, I Just Tell You What You Wanna Hear, Señor Ray, You Know The Octopus Wasn't Good and Rise Above Adversity.
All thanks and credits for this one go to Pascalito! Enjoy!

From the ashes of legendary Stoner Rock act Ridge - who recieved 4K/ 5 in Kerrang for their debut album, Matadors have become a monster reactivating the rock industry!

The band has existed since fall 2001, and when Andreas Bergström (vocals and Fender Telecaster Custom guitars) and Jonas Jönsson (drums, percussion, keys) accomplished with the bass player/singer Johan Anderberg from world famous Deranged and Murder Corporation, the band was completed.

Due to the rectification that exist in modern rock today Matadors are trying to break new barriers with a blend of dirty-tango twisted with some ol´country-twang in their robot´ roll! With the same attitude as bands/persons like Queens Of The Stone Age and Johnny Cash- that everything is possible, are Matadors now trying to bring the rock a new hot dynamic blend.

Matadors has a reputation as a hard-rockin´, intense and diverse live act. They have played with bands like Brant Bjork, Bigelf, Hellfueled, The Chuck Norris Experiment and have recieved great reviews for their shows.

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Matadors - The Muse Of Señor Ray (2006)

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