Sunday, July 3, 2011

Psychotic Reactions

The following compilation is released by the French label Head Records. Psychotic Reactions Vol.1 is compiled by Chris from the band ÖfÖ Am and he did a very great job with this compilation. Well done!
Psychotic Reactions Vol.1 represents mainly French bands like ÖfÖ Am, Mudweiser, Loading Data and Mars Red Sky. Thereby there are also three bands from the U.S.A. present: Treasure Cat, Year Long Disaster and Kama To Burn. Enjoy!


1) Dispenser The Dispenser - Camino Del Oeste
2) Kubota - After Life Servant
3) Enterprise - Secret Of Trantor
4) Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - Brotherhood
5) Mudweiser - Like Cocaïne
6) Rescue Rangers - Sounds Of The Katana
7) Loading Data - Circus Blues
8) Stony Broke - Time To Eat
9) Café Flesh - Without A Word
10) ÖfÖ Am - Carburetor Dung
11) Granit 665 - Man's Ruin
12) Alcohsonic - Dark Side Of The Blues
13) Junkyard Birds- She's A Witch
14) Superbeatniks - Hééééééééé !!
15) Dismo - Go Through Walls
16) Voxson - Dauerfire
17) Mars Red Sky - Strong Reflection
18) Treasure Cat - Snake Pfissken (I Tought You Were Dead)
19) Year Long Disaster - Show Me Your Teeth
20) Karma To Burn - 42

Various Artist - Psychotic Reactions Vol.1 (2010)


Wild Thing said...

I bought this comp last year for almpost nothing (5 euro!!!!) and discovered great bands, like Loading Data (who are excellent live!), and you can find a great song from Mudweiser, who are the most porfessionnal french band on this comp, as they are not as young as the others, lol.

Chris did a great job but don't fool around, support your local scene by buying the comp or albums of bands you will like!

TormentoScott said...

Johan Jaccob's Art is amazing!