Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kissing The Void

The following band contribution comes from the North of France.
Oruga is a five-piece band and they exist about one year. So it is pretty impressive that they come up with such an EP in that short time! Oruga plays a combination of Sludge and Doom with Metal influences, or Slow Rock, as they call it themselves.
This 34 minutes lasting five track EP is a stunning piece of work. The guitars are presenting slow and heavy riffs, the bass and drums are droning and the vocals fit right into this music. Oruga is a band with a lot of potential and I look forward to the following releases of this awesome band! Enjoy!

Born from random encounters and the will to explore a style not well known in France, Oruga was formed early in 2010. Claiming no labels, but forged from the individual experiences of each individual musician, the band deeply allies the oppressive heaviness of Doom and the filthy rage of Sludge, aggressively impregnated with Metal, all melting into the hypnotic dynamics of Stoner. Never pretending to be revolutionary, the songs are merely performed with heart and guts. Bare-naked expressions of untold feelings and repressed frustrations, escape in a voice about to break, the sorrows of Oruga explode onto the heavy rhythm, emphasized by mighty riffs, unpolished, noisy, massive, raw and desperate. Floating as a cold and melancholic spirit, far away from affiliations and merchandising, the sound of Oruga mirrors their region of origin, the North of France: faithful and authentic.
(Their bio)

Oruga - Oruga EP (2011)

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