Saturday, January 14, 2012

Your Heart Is Angry, But Your Mind Is Stoned

This single was posted at this blog about three years ago. The reason I repost this single is the fact that a copy was delivered by the mailman today.
500 Ft. Of Pipe was a Drug Rock band from Detroit, USA. This trio has released three full lenght albums, one EP and this single.
Side A of this single contains the song So Good. This is a pretty great song. And there is this track on side B: Your Heart Is Angry (But Your Mind Is Stoned). This song is so damned awesome. It is one of the best songs that is ever recorded. It is a hell of a Rock 'n' Roll song. Enjoy!

500 Ft. Of Pipe - So Good 7'' (2000)

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Ron said...

totally agree on this!!