Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bear Baiting

Bear Baiting from Los Angeles USA is formed by the two bass players Matt and Dennis. These guys play, with addition of some electronic devices, some pretty nice Atmospheric Post Rock. Bear Baiting has just released their same titled EP. It contains six tracks, which are short and compact. So there are no very long drawn-out compositions. This is the strenght of Bear Baiting: Creating short and atmospheric songs.
This EP is a great sounding recording and I wonder how these guys stand out on stage. Enjoy!

Bear Baiting was born as the brainchild of bassists Matt Boylan (Cuneiform) and Dennis Valles (Helen 55) in 2008. The two met at a mutual friend's, (National Sunday Law) show at the L.A. Knitting Factory and discussed to possibility of a 2 bass project. Shortly thereafter, the two got together and started writing material. The combination of Boylan's thunderous riffing, plus Valles' diversity of tones, made for interesting music, but the project lacked proper drums. The two contemplated getting a drummer to join the fold, but prospects were limited. Valles decided to program all the drums, rather than finding a drummer, and take a more DIY approach, resulting in a more realized vision for the music. After getting past the learning curve, the songs began to take shape. Multiple sounds and textures combined to form something truly unique. While not as technical as most instrumental artists, Bear Baiting sets out to form more of a soundscape than nonstop riffing.

We're proud of the results of our experiment, and hope you enjoy.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Bear Baiting - Bear Baiting EP (2011)

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