Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turn It On

Check out this brand new band! It's coming from Montreal, Canada and this group of four is called Lion Farm. These guys play very nice Rock 'n' Roll with a Stoner Rock base, but there are also other elements, such as Hard Rock, Metal, Psychedelic and Space.
This EP contains four excellent songs with brilliant riffs and a great sound. These are catchy songs with great vocals.
A very impressive start of a new band! So keep an eye on Lion Farm! Enjoy!

Born out of a volcano of fire and fury, Lion Farm sinks its teeth into the jugular of Rock n’ Roll. With metal overtones and psychedelic underpinnings, Lion Farm claws their way down the mainline of anthemic rock.
Mike Foxxx and Malstain are longtime collaborators, first surfacing in the late 90s from the same fertile Toronto scene that spawned Peaches, Feist, Gonzales and Mocky. Their bands Rock ‘n’ Roll Bad Boy XXXpress and Seventy Whore were known by underground rock cognoscenti for their embrace of unabashed party-rocking in the po-faced indie-rock/post-rock era.

Pounding out catchy, heavy tunes, Lion Farm has quickly laid claim to the title of The Pride of Rock n’ Roll.
(Their bio)

Lion Farm - Lion Farm EP (2012)

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