Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ride To Suicide

This was dropped in the C-Box a couple of hours ago. So thanks to the one who dropped it!
The Rockabones is a four piece band from Hannover, Germany. First Takes is the first demo by this band and it contains four tracks of high octane Riffrock with Stoner, Metal, Punk and Rock 'n' Roll influences.
These guys make quite a start with this demo. The sound is pretty good for a demo and the songs are really ass kicking. The vocals fit perfect with this straight forward Rock music. No further words are necessary here, go listen and... Enjoy!

In the summer of 2009 The Rockabones joined to realise their conception of rock music.
Informed by bands like AC/DC, Motörhead and Black Sabbath, they play Riffrock blended with Metal, Classic Rock, Punk and Stoner - loud, heavy & dirty!
The first Demo-EP 'First Takes' was finished in June 2011: 4 Tracks, 18 minutes - Straight Out Heavy Rock!
(Their bio)

The Rockabones - First Takes (2011)


Grinshold said...

Thought it would be a good idea to drop it there ... and so it is.
Thanks for the kind words, riez! :)

Pat (violating the guitar in that band)

Insane Riez said...

Pat, you're very welcome! Please do some more guitar violation!!!

Grinshold said...

I surely will ;) \m/