Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fly On

Dos E.P.'s is a compilation album by the Los Angeles based Stoner Rock band Nebula. This compilation from 2001 begins with the three unreleased tracks Rocket, Long Day and Bardo Airways. The remaining eight tracks come from the Sun Creature EP and the split with Lowrider. Five of these tracks sound different because they are remixed.
Dos E.P.'s is a nice album with awesome tracks from the early era of Nebula. Enjoy!

Nebula's fourth full-length album, 'Dos EP's,' was released outside the US several months ago, and is only now seeing a proper release in their home country. What we have here is a reissue of their two classic EPs; 'Sun Creature' on the now-defunct Man's Ruin label, and the legendary Nebula/Lowrider split. Both have been at least partially remixed and remastered. Dos EP's also includes three new tunes, lest the buyer be under the mistaken impression that they are buying a simple reissue.

Make no mistake: Nebula is perhaps THE premier band in what some call stoner rock. They carry the banner high, writing guitar-led, ass-kicking tunes with a strong 70s vibe, dealing with the joys of substance indulgence, denim jackets, smokin' women, and the freedom of the open road. Plus, they tour like
hardened road dogs, traveling the world and living the life. Other prominent bands that deal with such
subjects have either broken up or produced recent music of questionable value. Nebula's recent music seems slightly more spare compared to earlier efforts, with lyrics that seem oversimplified at times, but as see it they've outlasted the other "famous" bands of the genre with their integrity intact, and deserve their place in the sun.

In any case, Dos EP's has some of the strongest music Nebula ever released, and they're right to keep it available. With the help of engineer Mathias Schneeberger, some of the previously released tunes have been changed, whether in tempo or with the addition of a Fender Rhodes piano. The results are enhanced and the songs are reinvigorated. The new tuneage sounds like it would be perfectly at home on their previous full-length, Charged. 'Rocket' has a classic charging riff, straight out of AC/DC's 'Whole Lotta Rosie,' or Led Zep's 'Rock and Roll,' or even Motorhead's 'Over the Top.' 'Long Day' encourages the listener to just take it easy with a basic boogie vibe, and 'Bardo Airways' has rhythmic sighs like in Jimi's 'Purple Haze,' punctuating lyrics about the joys of getting loaded.

This is far more than a simple reissue; it's a disc by a band that obviously cares a lot about its recorded
output. It seems that they review their past music as available for re-evaluation, rather than as a "sacred"
body of work. Well, it’s paid off. Hell, I've got the originals, and I'm pleased to add this to my CD shelf.
(By Kevin McHugh at Hellride Music)

Nebula - Dos E.P.'s (2001)

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