Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Swop Shop

Music Swop Shop is the second album of the Australian band Peeping Tom. This band plays some nice Stoner Rock with Blues, Metal, 60's and 70's influences. There is also sometimes a Psychedelic vibe present at this album. There is a lot of diversity in the songs of Music Swop Shop. It's a decent album that definitely deserves a listen! Enjoy!

It’s pretty safe to say Melbourne’s Peeping Tom haven’t aimed Music Swap Shop directly at the commercial radio market. With the opening track easily breaking the seven minute mark and the entire eight track album sitting on the longer side of one hour, it’s hard to see Triple J squeezing a Peeping Tom song in before the news.

Even if the songs were shorter radio would have a tough time fitting this album into a neat catagory. Sure there’s the metal sounds reminiscent of Black Sabbath and Metallica but there’s so much more. From the mellow stoner rock intro of White Lightning to the psych rock outro on Cocked Gun, Peeping Tom cover a huge range of sounds and styles. More impressive still is their ability to span so much territory in just one song. Yeah White Lightning goes for thirteen minutes, but it chops and changes, moving in more directions most bands do an entire album.

But it’s on tracks Gingerbread Man and The Reason that Peeping Tom really shine. These filthy, sludge rock numbers barely crawl along. Filled with trademark PT lead guitar, it’s here the band are at their element. The saxophone track on The Reason is a left of centre piece of genius. Mixed deep beneath some crazy riffage, it gives this eleven minute ditty that something extra.

Music Swap Shop closes with PT’s most 60s moment. All Cream-like rhythms and Hendrix solos, it’s probably the bands most palatable track. Finishing with a massive guitar wig out Strike Clones, cements the fact Peeping Tom are essentially a guitar band.

(By DJ Pillowcase at Fasterlouder)

Peeping Tom - Music Swop Shop (2007)


Ron said...

Great band, a shame that they split up!, check also their debut cd.

grtz. Ron

Anonymous said...

Yeah! fucking awesome band!!