Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Assistant Of The Locomotive Driver

A big thanks to Barbara for sharing this EP! And these are her words about it:

These are another Polish Stoner rockers from Warsaw, friends of Elvis Deluxe. They last performed live in 2007 and are on hiatus since then, but they still have lots of dedicated fans waiting for their reunion.

This is their only recording, containing 5 tracks. More songs can be found as live videos on their Facebook.

Well, I think I can be count to these dedicated fans! Oregano Chino plays some great Kyuss/QOTSA influenced Stoner Rock. Don't expect much originality here, but that doesn't mind. This EP contains five nice tracks with the absolute highlight Sons Of Freedom.
Enjoy The Assistant Of The Locomotive Driver EP and tell me what you think by leaving a comment!

Oregano Chino - The Assistant Of The Locomotive Driver EP (2006)


Left Hand Drive said...

Hey thanks for this, these guys are very good...the other thing by them is killer.

Anonymous said...

Thanx riez!


joc666 said...

Thnx, sounds really good.

Nillbilly said...

I love this EP, sure it lacks originality but it has that classic stoner sound which doesn't seem to exist here in American bands anymore, which is why I love this blog so much. Keep up the good work Riez!