Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great Slovenian Stoner Rock

Carnaval is a band from Slovenia that plays some exceptional good Stoner Rock. This is their first release. You might wonder why it is called 2. That is because the first album was never released due to studio problems. 2 is a very nice Stoner Album with ten great songs. These guys really know how to play. The guitars are awesome and so are the drums and bass. Great songs are Big Sized Man and Monetary Animal. Enjoy!

It all began when one monkey learned to make use of a stick. one unfortunate event led to another until heavy rock band Pussyfinger broke up into Pinocchio Pinchball formed by Ažo on guitar and vocals, Knez on drums and Kozel on bass, and Kansky formed by one war hearted big sized man and some other lovable guys. It was 2004 a.d. Pinocchio Pinchball had really nice time, recorded few demos, had few shows. But after six months Knez left to england to make something of himself in a sense of becoming a responsible person his parents would deserve and not getting his ass kicked every friday night in some bizzare disagreement. After few years in london that project failed, however he managed to record great album with his band Koe. Meanwhile Kozel switched from bass to drums and succesfully engaged in what could be called axis of dysfunctionality with his bandmate Ažo. Their totally different personalities and perceptions of life and creativity led to recording of few more demos, this time under another name - Carnaval. they soon discovered they better find some guy they could use to transfer their own disagreements on and stop fighting each other. After reading in some article that having Degu (Octodon Degus) for a pet guaranties to heal your depression they invited a bass player with the same name. They even recorded songs for a real album in 2006 which is not finished yet because of studio problems. That studio problems heated troubles between Ažo and Kozel even more but they smartly put all the guilt and frustration on degu and kicked him out of band. After his return to Slovenia they gladly welcomed back knez on drums and some other guy gale on bass. Knez and Gale were also involved in their own dirty noise experimental project Polona In Suzana. Kozel found perfect position for his high ego as a solo guitarist. They tried to record second album together but Gale kicked other three out of band because of their ego trip super rock star attitude and disgustingly self adoring presence on stage but he misjudged their ability for collective action. they kicked his ass and stole their band back. After recording almost whole second album with gale and that project also failed they found themselves in circle of frustration again. Degu was hired again. They put all their hate and misery on him and succesfully recorded second album in 2009 after all. As has been said, the first album is not finished yet but that doesn't seem to bother anyone in a band because Ažo, Knez And Kozel learned very well how to relieve stress by talking behind Degu's back.
(From their website)

Carnaval - 2 (2009)


Wild Thing said...

I'm curious to listen to Slovenian stoner rock! Thanks for the discovery, I'll come back as soon as it will be heard!

Rafael Oliveira said...

Cool that band, I like the sound of voices and the great riffs good to headphones and car sound, you right one more time Riez...

tanx man

Rafael Oliveira

Wild Thing said...

Well, if there are some good tunes on this album, the whole album lacks in regularity and quality...Nice discovery, I'll follow what they will do in the future.