Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues

I saw this band perform in a local bar called De Vinger yesterday. The Soulbreaker Company is a band from Basque country that plays a combination of Hard Rock, Blues rock and 70's Rock. The show they performed last night was quite impressive. According to their MySpace The Soulbreaker Company is influenced by the following: Led Zeppelin, Raw Material, Bowie, Beatles, Stones ,Gong, Groundhogs, Atomic Rooster, Dixon II, Amon Duul II, Dark, Magna Carta, J. Coltrane, Hawkwind, Beer, Wilson Picket, Raging Slab, Weed, Black Sabbath,Uriah Heep, Mountain, Wine, Pink Floyd, Monster Magnet, Son House, Black Oak Arkansas and Captain Beyond.
The Hammond organ is an important element in their sound. It sometimes reminds me of the band Blood Of The Sun. The Soulbreaker Company is blessed with an awesome singer. You really should listen this great debut album. Enjoy!

The Soulbreaker Company - Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues (2005)

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