Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In Search Of

In Search Of is the third album of Fu Manchu and the last one with the members Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano. These guys started the great band Nebula after leaving Fu Manchu.
The album In Search Of is a Stoner Rock classic with the awesome songs Regal Begal, Asphalt Raisin', Cyclone Launch and The Falcon Has Landed. Enjoy!

Fu Manchu was one of the most enduring and influential bands of the '90s stoner metal movement (along with Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Sleep), but it wasn't until their third full-length release, In Search Of..., that the Southern California stoners finally obtained "major" label support by signing with Mammoth Records -- not that this had any effect on singer Scott Hill's indistinctive vocals, or the band's fuzzy dirge of post-Sabbath riffery with psychedelic overtones. And like most Fu Manchu albums, In Search Of... is a very inconsistent affair, with only a few cuts such as "Asphalt Risin'," "Strato-Freak," and "Seahag" really standing out of the pack. Simply put, one gets the impression that Fu Manchu doesn't try that hard, but then, not every band wants to rule the world. Thankfully, the departure of guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano to form Nebula soon after this recording would provide the band with the impetus and inspiration to really start moving forward on the following year's much improved The Action Is Go.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Fu Manchu - In Search Of (1996)

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