Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sign Here, Here And Here

Awaiting their full-lenght debut album I put this EP up.
The Company Band is a Stoner supergroup from the U.S.A. featuring Neil Fallon from Clutch, so The Company Band does sound like Clutch. And that isn't a bad thing.

Believe it or not, the collective members of The Company Band speak from experience as they tackle the capitalistic thematic elements that set the foreground for "Sign Here, Here, And Here.". The label turnover band frontman Neil Fallon has experienced in Clutch alone is enough to fill a deluxe filing cabinet; and when you factor in CKY drummer Jess Margera's industry experiences, it's not hard to see the amount of paperwork involved behind this bands concept.

Rounded out by members of Fireball Ministry and Puny Human, "Sign Here, Here, And Here." is a poignant bluesy rock offering sure to convince many to sign on the dotted line. For while its general upbeat rock n' roll feel most closely mirrors that of Clutch, the folky southern boogie has been replaced by tongue in cheek corporate dogma and concise instrumental interplay.

All in all it's a surprisingly tight package, that despite the whole 'supergroup' angle, comes off as readily cohesive and well labored. Given the busy schedules of the players involved one would expect this EP to feel rushed or a bit too spontaneous. Yet it fully realizes a somewhat left field concept and runs with it right to the end, even taking a chance with the timid closing number "Heartache & Misery". If attempted by another cast of characters this bands/EP's concept could have easily come off as hokey and fell flat, but thanks to the first hand knowledge and leathery wisdom on hand here, it becomes an instant must buy.


The Company Band - Sign Here, Here And Here (2008)

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