Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dutch Courage

This is my contribution for The Reader-Submitted Compilation fall edition on the
This compilation contain superb Dutch Stoner songs from the past and the present.

Tracklist Dutch Courage:

01 Astrosoniq - Godly Pace
02 7Zuma7 - Blue T.S.
03 Stone Oak Cosmonaut - Reborn Again
04 Gomer Pyle - Bring On The Diesel
05 Hooghwater - Hard Rain Fell
06 Tonerlow - Devilbots Designed To Assimilate
07 57Chevy - SunBehindTheSun
08 Cosmic Android - Valvestream
09 Abe Diddy & The Krautboys - Concrete Hell
10 Stonerfront Nijmegen - World Of Geeks
11 Monstertone - When Hell Freezes Over
12 3Speed Automatic - Walk On The Sun

Dutch Courage, The Dutch Stoner Collection By Insane Riez (2009)


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Hey dude, thanx for the support!

spread the word for more Cosmic Android gigs!

CosmicTjø ,-)

Anonymous said...

3Speed Automatic, 23rd jan 2011 LIVE at THE PARADISO Amsterdam, 30x20 min fest kink fm.