Monday, September 28, 2009

Causa Sui Live At Roadburn 2007

I found this request in my C-Box and I love to post it, though I had a hard time pulling the sticker off the CD because my Mac don't like stickered CD's.
The perfomance of Causa Sui at Roadburn was one of my favourites that weekend. There is no tracklist with the CD, so if someone can help me with that I would really appreciate.

Causa Sui - Live At Roadburn 2007

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Bro - You are the man. I've searched the world over for this. Thank you very much.



Anonymous said...

And the video?????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, bro.
The songs are:
Track 1 - Eugenie [early version] (from Summer Sessions Vol. 3)
Track 2 - White Sun (from Free Ride)
Track 3 - Top of the Hill (from Free Ride)
Track 4 & 5 - El Paraiso (from Causa Sui) [Track 5 is an extension]
Track 6 - Newborn Road (from Free Ride)

Anonymous said...

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