Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Meet The BellRays is a compilation album featuring songs from the first two albums by the L.A. based band The BellRays.
This band does sound musically like The Stooges/MC5, but the vocals sounds more like Tina Turner or that singer from Mothers Finest. Lisa Kekaula does a outstanding performance with her vocals.
I've never seen The BellRays live, but what I've heard and read, they're really good on stage.

The BellRays have been kicking around LA for nearly a decade now, however they are not that widely know in the UK.

This puzzles me as I have never seen such a powerful front woman as Lisa Kekaula. Imagine a cross (if you can!) between James Brown and Heather Small - well that's Lisa Kekaula personified.

Kekaula's voice as strong and soulful, yet what accompanies it is not your usual bongo or soft guitar, oh no, The BellRays flitter between, soulful beats, crazy psychedelia and fierce garage rock - in fact the BellRays are probably one of the craziest bands I have seen.

Audience participation was lacking somewhat, and the Charlotte wasn't even at half capacity. The crowd were a rather odd mix of couples, old rockers and the token head banging groupies at the front, never the less the BellRays gave it their best shot.

Kekaula made the show. Her flirtatious ways tease both guitarist Tony Fate and husband/bassist Bob Vennum, whilst drummer Vince M resembles the Muppets' cookie monster as he bashes behind them.

Halfway through their set Kekaula paces through the crowd picking on innocent viewers, inciting them to dance, sing and have a good time.

Tracks seemed to roll into each other, however they did play their single 'Fire on the Moon'. The BellRays are on tour to promote their new album, a follow up from the semi successful Meet the BellRays, released in 2002.

I can appreciate their attempt to mix soul and garage rock, however, the Bell Rays are a little too crazy for me, but nevertheless a good night's entertainment!

(By Caroline Burgess at www.bbc.co.uk/leicester/music/)

The BellRays - Meet The Bellrays (2002)



great blog! thanx for post this!!


great blog! thanx for post this!!

Nillbilly said...

I saw the Bellrays open for Nebula(!) a bunch of times. They are on fire. Imagine Aretha Franklin singing for the Ramones. Killer group.