Saturday, September 26, 2009


A big Thank You to Rafael Oliveira for dropping this one in my C-Box!
Black Drawing Chalks is a Brazilian Stoner Rock band. Their album Life Is A Big Holiday For Us is a real pleasure for my ears. Very easy listenable songs, great guitars and a very nice voice. So I can conclude that this is a great album.
I just can't find anything in English about this band and this album.
So check this out and let me know what you think.

Black Drawing Chalks - Life Is A Big Holiday For Us (2009)


fortnight1066 said...

Liked this one, thanks.

João Paulo Fernandes said...

Hello, I'm brazilian, and I'm a fan of Black Drawing Chalks, I'll say some information about the band:

-The band started on 2004, and they really started to play in 2005

-They are from Goiânia city, Brazil

-The band members are:
Victor Rocha (Vocals/Guitar)
Renato Cunha (Guitar)
Denis Dec (Bass)
Douglas Dec (Drums)

-They have released 2 albuns, Big Deal on 2007 and Life Is A Big Holiday For Us on 2009

-They have been nominated for 3 categories on the brazilian MTV VMB (Video Music Brazil) for Best Video Clip, Alternative Rock and MTV Betting

-All of the band members are drawers, the name Black Drawing Chalks is very representative, because black drawing chalk is a kind of "pencil" for drawing, they make all the design part of the band, including the albuns artworks, t-shirts stamps and made all the drawings of their animated video clip

That's all, hope that helps the blog ^^ hugs from Brazil, and peace!